About Karen

Hi! My name is Karen, and I’m a licensed clinic social worker. I specialize in helping people learn to manage anxiety, cope with depression, and heal from traumatic experiences. I started my career as a community mental health therapist working with people experiencing a wide range of mental health challenges, including PTSD, substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia.

I have extensive training in cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy techniques, and interpersonal communication, but it isn’t my training that makes my approach unique. Success in therapy relies on the strength of human connection. I want to get to know you so that I can help you learn to better know yourself.

I understand that you are more than a diagnosis. Our unique circumstances impact our mental health, and our experiences as children, partners, parents, friends, and employees play an integral role in who we are and how we cope. I want to help you figure out what lifts you up — and what’s weighing you down.

I’m currently seeing clients via telehealth and in person. Contact me to schedule an appointment.